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As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of compassion in your field. However, the constant bombardment of competing priorities including financial pressures and regulatory changes, can prevent you from effectively caring for others if you neglect to take care of yourself. It is crucial to acknowledge that by replenishing your own well-being and addressing the challenges you face, you can enhance your ability to provide authentic care and leadership to those around you.

Through personalized coaching, you can develop the necessary strategies and skills to navigate the demands of your role while maintaining your own well-being, ultimately enabling you to fulfill your professional responsibilities with greater effectiveness and satisfaction.

My aim is to make a positive contribution in healthcare by utilizing three degrees of influence to reach healthcare leaders, like you, and help you gain back your inspiration, and to identify and achieve the goals you want to attain in this industry. It is possible!

Let’s work together to transform healthcare through three degrees of influence.

What is

3 Degrees?

In the dynamic landscape of the healthcare industry, visionary leaders thrive on their commitment to serve and transform care to meet their communities’ needs but are losing momentum from the overwhelming amount of information and challenges they deal with every day. They are becoming sick and aren’t fully able to serve others. If those in the healthcare field can’t ‘fill their own buckets’ with compassion and self-care, how can they properly take care of others?

3 Degrees Healthcare Consulting is an agency that enables healthcare administrators and others an opportunity to take some time to build the clarity and purpose they need to succeed – while minimizing the overwhelm.

The name “3 Degrees” draws its inspiration from the concept of separation. The popularity of social media as a communication and influencing platform has compounded this separation to a mere three degrees of influence.

I believe we currently possess a concise span of three degrees to connect us with the individuals essential to our objectives and growth. We hold the potential to collaboratively steer constructive transformations within the realm of healthcare.

Who is

Dr. Huma Shah?

I pursued my passion for the healthcare industry by working with healthcare organizations and educational institutions in the States and abroad for more than 25 years.

In 2021, I achieved the esteemed FACHE credential. An official recognition of my expertise across all aspects of healthcare management and operations. This accomplishment signifies my unwavering commitment to continuous growth and learning throughout my career.

Today, I bring my experience, insights, and compassion about healthcare leadership and innovation to my consulting agency, 3 Degrees Healthcare.

Grounded in strategic acumen, innovative thinking, and values-based leadership principles, I serve as a thought leader and consultant to healthcare leaders on a global scale. Including strategy, cultivating leadership skills, fostering community well-being, and business growth, shaping health policy, and advancing public health initiatives.

I enjoy the art of coaching, mentoring, consulting, and forming connections with healthcare-focused individuals. I take immense pride in aiding people to realize their life's purpose, particularly as they aspire to ascend into leadership roles.

My research interests include a broad spectrum of ideas, from shaping organizational strategies and cultures to influencing health policies, fostering innovative approaches to leadership, nurturing community health, and nurturing community health.

If you're seeking an experienced partner to navigate the intricacies of the healthcare landscape, one who understands the nuances of leadership and the drive for innovation, I am here to collaborate with you. Together, we can transform your healthcare initiatives into impactful successes.

I look forward to working with you!


Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Master of Public Health (MPH), Specialization in Health Care Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE)

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Certified Facilitator


Healthcare-Focused Leadership


This people-centric coaching is for those who are 2-5 years into their healthcare career and are uncertain as to which direction to pursue. You have the education supporting you and are good at what you do, but there is so much overwhelm every day that you find yourself barely keeping your focus, nevermind figure out next career steps!



Team Building

This group-centered coaching can be working with healthcare organizations and community-based clinics on strategy facilitation with leadership training, or strategy building with collective leaderships to develop solid plans.

Half-day & full-day offerings


Projects in

Healthcare Support

Specialized projects tend to be strategic or technical in nature and are most appropriate for senior executives who are trying to wrestle several competing priorities without a clear direction on how to approach them.

We can work together until you have clarity of mind, as well as a strategic plan for delivering answers or solutions to your audience.

When you work with me...

You will have access to my extensive technical knowledge in the healthcare industry,

along with my adept coaching skills.

I’ve crafted comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions for aspiring professionals and seasoned practitioners, spanning healthcare delivery and higher education. My insights can help you manage healthcare leaders' ever-evolving needs

and navigate challenges confidently.

I embody the perfect fusion of practicality and academia, all while possessing a strategic edge. With my passion for mentoring and an unwavering growth mindset, I can help move your leadership skills to a new height. What I offer transcends the conventional boundaries of coaching; it's a collaboratively-fueled partnership enriched by real-world experience essential to mentoring and coaching leaders.

I bring to my work integrity, and I purposefully embrace my mantra: Inspire - Innovate - Influence when I work with my clients. I'm here to guide you, the aspiring healthcare leader, in discovering your true purpose and higher calling.

My transformative approach will help restore equilibrium, revitalize mental well-being, and rekindle compassion. I'm committed to helping individuals regain their balance and rediscover their humanity by harnessing the power of a growth mindset in a dynamic and nurturing environment.

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